Fish can decrease the risk of food allergies, when pregnant mom consume fresh fish during pregnancy

Today i talk about allergies in kids when they are not born they are in mom’s safe bally, There is lot of food protect from allergies during pregnancy one is most popular and solid food is fish.

How fish can decrease the risk of allergies in their kids, Below the list of information-

Women who consume oily fresh fish while pregnant or during her breast-feeding may decrease the risk of their children developing food allergies, asthma, eczemas or hay fever, researchers have found in many colleges & Univercity.The findings have showed that children introduced to fish and eggs  major source of omega 3 fatty acids before 9 months of age had a lower risk of developing allergies. ‘Fish intake in the family seems to reduce the risk of allergies,

Kids who eat fish, eggs and flour early in life were found to have less allergies, as they had higher levels of omega-3 in their body. The results showed that at birth, and again at four months of age, the healthy children had higher proportions of the omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid, EPA, in their blood.’The levels corresponded with the mother’s intake of fatty fish. The mothers of children with high proportions of omega-3 in the body had been eating a lot of fish during pregnancy and lactations, and we could also see evidence of this in their breastmilk.

  • Best ways to enjoy eating fish are — grilling, poaching, steaming, stir-frying, broiling, pressure cooking.
  • Always go for quality and fresh fish rather than the canned ones as they are always loaded with unwanted salt and preservatives.

When we fry fish, it becomes high in fat and less healthy so avoid doing this or cooking it in heavy coconut or peanut curries.

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