4 Symptoms Guaranteed Heart Attack Problem


There are many symptoms today coming in highlight before heart attack problem in a person, today i discuss about major 4 symptoms

  1. Pain in the chest
  2. Discomfort
  3. Problems breathing
  4. Pain in the abdomen

Pain in the chest and arm: Another common symptoms that a person might show is a severe constricting pain in the left side of the chest. In some cases, the pain also migrates up to the left arm. Unlike pain in the chest, the pain experienced in the case of a heart attack is very excruciating, something that a person has never experienced. If this is the case, then it’s wise to see a doctor at the earliest. Read about first aid for heart attack victims.

Giddiness/Dizziness: As the supply of oxygen to the brain is also hampered, a person might feel light-headed or giddiness, when experiencing a heart attack. If the heart muscles become severely affected, and the blood supply is hindered, then loss of consciousness is also seen. A person might have an anxiety attack.

Pain in the abdomen: A common symptom which is often mistaken for acidity is a pain in the abdomen. This symptom, when associated with nausea or vomiting, might indicate that a person is having a heart attack. Moreover, if you experience bloating, especially during the early hours of the morning, then it might be a symptoms of heart attack, indicating that you have to visit a doctor. Read more on is it acidity or heart attack!

Remember that these symptoms might appear as isolated symptoms or a combination of two or three symptoms or all. So whatever is the case, rushing to the hospital is the only way to save a person.

I hope SYMPTOMS & WARNING SIGNS are help you to find the heart attack save the life of person. Thank you!


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