Guaranteed 3 Top Tips for Weight Gain Yoga Pose at Home

Guaranteed 3 Top Tips for Weight Gain Yoga Pose at Home

Today I discuss about how to gain the weight step by step guide below:

  1. How to weigh gain?
  2. What are benefits of these 4 best yoga poses?
  3. Where we can perform these yoga pose?
  4. How to do these pose?
  5. Step-by-step-yoga pose with best images?

Yoga addresses problems like poor metabolism, stress, lack of appetite, and digestive issues. While it helps overcome these problems, it also stabilizes weight and ensures you hit the right weight goals. Yoga enhances the circulation of oxygen and blood, and this helps improve the nutrient absorption. It strengthens the muscles and allows you to become strong and flexible. It also improves your stamina.

It is essential to note that yoga works mainly towards regulating your metabolism. Therefore, you must not abandon these asanas if you are trying to lose weight. They work for both. You must make sure you undertake weight gain through yoga under the guidance of a qualified trainer. Also, you must support these exercises with a nutrient-dense diet.

Yoga/Exercise For Weight Gain

  1. Vajrasana
  2. Pavanamuktasana
  3. Bhujangasana share you “Vajrasana” how to do? What are benefits? Below:

  1. Vajrasana


Also Known As – Diamond Pose, Thunderbolt Pose

Benefits – This asana is the only asana that can be practiced immediately after a meal. It works on the digestive system and helps to keep the metabolism in check. This asana calms the mind and operates on every area that needs attention.

How To Do It – Place your thighs on your calf muscles as you sit flat on the floor. Focus and breathe. share you “Pavanamuktasana” how to do? What are benefits? Below:



Also Known As – Wind Relieving Pose

Benefits – This asana also works on the digestive system, thereby stimulating and regulating it. It calms the overactive metabolism and creates an amicable ambiance for better absorption of nutrients in the body.

How To Do It – Lie flat on the floor with your back on the ground. Fold your knees and hug them. Lift your head off the floor, and bring your nose in between your knees. Hold the pose for a few seconds as you breathe deeply, and then release. share you “Bhujangasana” how to do? What are benefits? Below:

3. Bhujangasana


Also Known As – Cobra Pose

Benefits – The Bhujangasana works on the digestive system, thereby improving appetite, regulating metabolism, and also removing blockages. The reproductive system is also stimulated. When you stretch and open up your heart, your breathing improves. There is better blood circulation and nutrient absorption.

How To Do It – Lie flat on your stomach, with your legs stretched out, and the feet facing down. Place your elbows by your side. Then, lift your chest, placing the body weight on the elbows. Inhale deeply, and exhale strongly. share you info with pictorial representation for each poses. I hope this yoga pose help you to weigh gain.

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